Hydroponic Greenhouse Vegetables Fruits Flowers 2ft 4ft 10W 80W 120W Full Spectrum T8 Led Tube Grow Light Bar

Model No. LT-F120W
Size 6×1200mm
Efficacy 2.1 µmol/J
PPF 252 µmol/s
Voltage AC 100-277V,  50/60Hz
IP rating  IP65
Beam Angles 120°
Thermal Management  Aluminum + Polycarbonate
Warranty  3 Years Standard
Working Temp  -20 ~ +45°C
Life  >50000H
Certification ETL,cETL,CE, RoHS

Product Description : 

Upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks are easy for heat dissipation
Use environment:Can be used in greenhouses, basement planting, home indoor vegetable cultivation, balcony light, flower pots, etc
• Lower power consumption, energy-saving is more than 80% than general one. Long service life up to 50000hrs, durable to use.
• Perfectly for gardening, family balcony seedling, greenhouse planting etc.
• Full spectrum led light  can provide the most efficient light wavelengths to enhance photosynthesis performance and improve plants' healthy growth.
• Adopted high-grade led source, super brightness and high luminous efficiency, long lifespan.
• This grow lamp is made of high quality Aluminum shell which can always keep the temperature at the appropriate level, effective for plant growth and protection.


1.All kinds of flower plants: chili,tomatoes, eggplant, rose etc.
2.All kinds of greens: herbs and leafy vegetables, lettuce, bok choy, etc.
3.All kinds of succulents.
4.Also suitable for indoor garden or indoor potted landscape.
5. Rainforest Farms.

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